Benefits even before welcoming a talent

Being able to be trained and grow internally is one of the top concerns of talent when choosing an employer, and this requirement is even more prevalent for Generation Z.

Being able to explain to each talent that they will benefit from a tailored career path before they are even hired is a significant competitive advantage for your employer brand.

Provide the means to progress

If talent benefits from a career path, it is necessary to explain the ways to progress. Palm acts as an individual coach for each of them. It indicates the skills to be acquired and the associated training to apply for, or mentors to be contacted internally.

Each talent is unique

Unfortunately, HR department does not have the time to propose a customized path for each person. That's why Palm's AI, through the analysis of more than 35,000 dimensions (experience, potential, soft skills, aspirations...), makes it possible to offer each person the most relevant opportunities and a unique evolving career path.

The right person, in the right place and at the right time

We retrieve the descriptions of your open jobs in real time. What if the ideal candidate was already with you? Palm makes smart suggestions – you make smart decisions.

Matching project and collaborator

Do your managers have to seek a resource outside their own team to carry out a specific project? All they have to do is describe the project and Palm suggests the relevant profiles.

Employee-training matching

We connect to your LMS or any training catalog. We suggest relevant training to employees to progress in their career paths. Check in your dashboard that the dynamic is positive

It's a Match !