Fight classic biases

Unfortunately, although cognitive biases are now known, it is not possible to eradicate them. However, it is possible to fight against them effectively. To do so, it is necessary to raise collective awareness and to have the right tools.

Palm makes sure to offer opportunity suggestions regardless of these biases (gender, socioeconomic background, age...).

Develop all your talents

Self-censorship is more common today than conscious discrimination. With Palm, you can fight it. Each person receives tailored internal opportunities based on thousands of bias-free dimensions. Our mission is to enable everyone to reach their potential.

Need to replace a talent? Don’t forget anyone

As part of a succession plan, Palm will suggest all relevant talent, ranking them by matching score, independent of any cognitive bias. You can be sure that you are not overlooking anyone when choosing who to replace the departing talent.

The right person, in the right place and at the right time

We retrieve the descriptions of your open jobs in real time. What if the ideal candidate was already with you? Palm makes smart suggestions – you make smart decisions.

Matching project and collaborator

Do your managers have to seek a resource outside their own team to carry out a specific project? All they have to do is describe the project and Palm suggests the relevant profiles.

Employee-training matching

We connect to your LMS or any training catalog. We suggest relevant training to employees to progress in their career paths. Check in your dashboard that the dynamic is positive

It's a Match !