For HR but not only

How can we claim to help you retain your talents if we don't involve them all? At Palm, our obsession is to engage 100% of your employees, managers and HR.

Personalized career path

Palm lets you create career paths with just a few clicks. The solution automatically detects junctions, since starting from a given job, there are many possible paths.

Each employee then commits to his or her career path, without locking themselves into a single pathway.

Relevant opportunities for your talents: internally, not with your competitor

Palm makes smart suggestions for employees to find their best opportunities with you. They apply directly to a job, a training course or a specific project from the marketplace. Do you have specific validation workflows? We configure them for you.

The right person, in the right place and at the right time

We retrieve the descriptions of your open jobs in real time. What if the ideal candidate was already with you? Palm makes smart suggestions – you make smart decisions.

Matching project and collaborator

Do your managers have to seek a resource outside their own team to carry out a specific project? All they have to do is describe the project and Palm suggests the relevant profiles.

Employee-training matching

We connect to your LMS or any training catalog. We suggest relevant training to employees to progress in their career paths. Check in your dashboard that the dynamic is positive

It's a Match !