Visualize all your HR data in a glance

The last thing we want is to offer you an additional solution, cumbersome to set up and which does not correctly communicate with your current tools.

With Palm, you don't have to do anything. We make all the connections for you.

One place for your HR data

We have developed a technology that allows you to quickly configure connectors with market solutions.

Our AI understands natural language. Thus, it does not matter whether your data comes from the Core HR, an Excel file or a Powerpoint. We will know how to deal with it and understand it. Tell us what's relevant to you, we integrate it into Palm.

Centralized and up-to-date data

What is the point of centralizing the information you need if it is obsolete? Palm constantly makes sure to provide you with up-to-date data from your various tools.

Are you preparing for the people review and need the latest salary developments, the annual evaluation and the training wishes of an employee? Close Excel and simply open Palm. Everything is there, up to date.