Motivate and retain talent

Talent that is limited to opportunities within their department or business unit is at increased risk of leaving. Non-availability of the right tools, internal opportunities, whether it’s projects, jobs to fill or discussions with a mentor, are invisible to your talents.

Palm AI breaks down silos and presents relevant internal opportunities to the right talent at the right time across the organization.

A win-win situation

Gone are the days when managers jealously guarded their talents. They too stand to gain from breaking down silos. Fewer resignations, more talent available to help them on their projects and an AI that helps them identify relevant people. Your managers will love Palm!

Smart matching

It can be daunting to proactively search for an opportunity out of thousands. That's why Palm continuously delivers the most relevant opportunities to every talent in your organization. Everything is taken into account: skills, potential, aspirations, soft skills... in total, more than 35,000 dimensions are included in our matching algorithm.

We take care of your talents by suggesting them the best opportunities internally, they just have to discover them and apply in a few clicks.

The right person, in the right place and at the right time

We retrieve the descriptions of your open jobs in real time. What if the ideal candidate was already with you? Palm makes smart suggestions – you make smart decisions.

Matching project and collaborator

Do your managers have to seek a resource outside their own team to carry out a specific project? All they have to do is describe the project and Palm suggests the relevant profiles.

Employee-training matching

We connect to your LMS or any training catalog. We suggest relevant training to employees to progress in their career paths. Check in your dashboard that the dynamic is positive

It's a Match !