Your talents are invaluable. Palm helps you never lose them again.

Palm centralizes all your HR data. Thanks to AI, each employee is engaged in a personalized career path. Your talents will love to keep working for you.

The companies we help

Your data in one place

Yet another HR tool? No. You don't want a new tool that communicates poorly with others.

This is why Palm synchronizes with all your HR tools (HRIS, LMS, ATS, annual interviews, etc.). We can even import your Excel files.

Your data is displayed up to date and in the same place.

Our connectors

Here are examples of available connectors. Yours is not in the list? We configure the connection for you.

Your talents are everyone’s concern

Crafting a solution only for HR professionals doesn't work. That's why every employee has access to Palm.

They engage in a personalized career path and visualize all available opportunities to progress within your organization.

Result: when your talents are looking for a new challenge, they first turn to internal opportunities.

HR Management

HR management has never been so smooth: people reviews, automatic skills mapping, succession plans... Palm automates everything that can be automated and makes your HR processes simpler and more efficient.

The companies that have already chosen Palm


HR unicorn, Payfit must remain at the forefront of innovation and be exemplary in terms of talent development.

After benchmarking existing solutions, Palm was the obvious choice, especially for its ability to engage all employees.



Comment faire le lien entre 10 000 jeunes talents et les opportunités proposées par les entreprises ? Grâce à l’IA de Palm, ce matching se fait automatiquement, pour tous.

Each student is offered the most relevant opportunities based on their education and aspirations. Companies, on the other hand, now only receive highly relevant applications.



European leader in after-sales services for professionals, with a large proportion of skilled workers with rare skills on the market, ASWO was looking for a solution to develop and keep its talents in-house. By choosing Palm, the group saves 20 man-days each year on talent management alone.



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Real Estate

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Artificial intelligence, what for?

We created Palm with one ambition: to help you manage your talents without forgetting any of them. Unfortunately, internal mobility suffers from human psychological biases (gender, age, family status, etc.)

We therefore make a commitment: 100% of the recommendations made by Palm are free of these biases. Palm will never replace the human decision maker. But before deciding, you will have access to 100% of the relevant profiles. It's not magic, even if it looks like it.

unbiased recommendations
forgotten talents

Using Palm means significant savings every year. Find out how much with the ROI calculator.

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